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Livestock Sale Every Tuesday
Graded Feeder Pig Sale two Fridays per month
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While market reports reflect the majority of livestock at each sale, there are instances where animals do not fit reporting categories and are not included.

New Holland, Pa   Friday February 13, 2015    USDA-Ag Market News

Carlisle Livestock Market
Graded Feeder Pig Auction for Friday February 13, 2015

Receipts: 405    Last Sale: 551

The market information in this report is collected through the USDA 
Quality Systems Assessment (QSA) Livestock Auction Market Reporting 
(LAMR) program under the supervision and oversight of USDA Livestock
and Grain Market News. All pigs were weighed on arrival and sold by the hundred weight. Grade Head Weight Price US 1-2 56 25-38 lbs 205.00-305.00 126 41-49 lbs 156.00-200.00 27 65-67 lbs 85.00-110.00 45 82-83 lbs 94.00-97.00 28 90 lbs 70.00 98 117-138 lbs 95.00-106.00 Grade Head Weight Price US 2 9 28 lbs 350.00 Grade Head Weight Price As Is 9 39-55 lbs 120.00-155.00 7 73-140 lbs 79.00-98.00 ** Next graded feeder pig sale will be Friday march 13, 2015** Receiving time is from 7:30am till 10:00am. Sale Time is 1:00PM Source: USDA-Ag Market News, New Holland, Pa Dave Wert 570-490-5587; 1500e dw